Terms & Conditions

Please make all Food Box Payments either by BACS or Standing Order.  You will receive a regular monthly invoice by email which will itemise your box and provide payment details. When making your payment please include either your Surname or the invoice number as the reference and the description ‘Food Box’. If the account is in a different name, please provide the name of the correct Food Box customer.

Agreement & Cancellations

I agree to a vegetable box and/or meat box to be delivered at the specified address. If I need to cancel or amend my delivery I will inform Clinks Care Farm by emailing localfood@clinkscarefarm.org giving two working days’ notice.

Failure to advise us of cancellation or amendments in this timescale will incur a charge equivalent to the price of your normal Food Box option. The Food Box will be donated instead to a food bank or a person/family in need.

General Data Protection Regulations

Clinks Care Farm adheres to the General Data Protection Regulations. We will store your personal data securely and only for as long as you are a customer. We will not pass on your data to any third party.

By signing this form to become a Food Box Scheme customer, you are agreeing to Clinks Care Farm Ltd storing and using your personal data to manage the food box scheme.

    Billing Information

    What size Food Box would you like?

    Small Household Box - £8.50 (£7.50 if collecting). Suitable for 1 or 2 people. Typical contents include 800g potatoes, 300g onions, small bunch of carrots and 4 eggs as standard and 3 to 4 other seasonal vegetables.
    Standard Veg Box - £11.00 (£10.00 if collecting). Suitable for 3 to 4 people or a couple who eat lots of vegetables. Typical contents include 1.5kg potatoes, 500g onions, one bunch of carrots and 6 eggs as standard and 5 to 6 other seasonal vegetables.
    Veg Lovers Box - £15.00 (£14.00 if collecting). Suitable for a family of 5 or people who eat lots of vegetables. Typical contents are 2.5kg potatoes, 1kg onions, large bunch of carrots and 10 eggs as standard and 6 to 7 other seasonal vegetables.
    Meat Box (with Clinks free range meat) - £13.00 (prepared at Wards Butchers of Loddon). Includes 2 to 4 items depending on availability; bacon, pork sausages (3 different varieties), pork burgers, pork chops, lamb chops, joints. All meat is frozen and kept and transported in special cool boxes.

    Please indicate your preference for collecting or delivery arrangements:

    I will collect the box from Clinks Care FarmI would like my box delivered

    I would like to deliver to a different address:

    Shipping Information

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