Criteria for participants

Farm Therapy is suitable for people

  • With mild to moderate mental health issues
  • Willing to work on recovery
  • Who have no significant mobility issues – this is a farm environment with risks of trips and falls for those with mobility problems
  • Who are not receiving support from a care coordinator in mental health services
  • Who do not have social care needs such as a significant learning disability

    Applicant Details

    Applicant Ethnicity
    AsianAsian-BritishBlack-BritishBlack-AfricanBlack-CaribbeanOther Black BackgroundChineseWhite-BritishOther White BackgroundOther Ethnicity GroupDo not wish to answer

    Background Information

    Employment Status
    UnemployedOff SickWorkingOther

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    Medical Information

    Are you seeing anyone else in relation to your mental health?

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