Criteria for participants

Clinks Care Farm placements are suitable for people with a variety of needs and backgrounds such as mental health problems, learning difficulties, brain injuries, autistic spectrum disorders or dementia.

People can be referred to us if they are:

  • 16 years or older
  • Able to work alongside other people or work towards this
  • Able to get around the farm safely without hurting themselves
  • Able to access funding for a placement
  • Keen to work outdoors

A referral is not appropriate for those:

  • People with severe mobility problems
  • Not keen to work outdoors
  • People that are not allowed to work alongside vulnerable people/young people because of past behaviour/offences committed
  • Who do not have access to funding
  • People whose challenging behaviour would pose a risk in a farm environment or to other people even with 1:1 support

    Referral Agent Details

    Client Details

    Client Ethnicity
    AsianAsian-BritishBlack-BritishBlack-AfricanBlack-CaribbeanOther Black BackgroundChineseWhite-BritishOther White BackgroundOther Ethnicity GroupDo not wish to answer

    Medical Information & Care

    Will the client carry medication on him/her?

    Background Information

    Does you client have a learning disability?

    Does you client have a mental health problem?

    Does you client have any other social or health problem?

    What age group is your client?

    Is the client accessing other health or social services?

    Please note we need a copy of your client’s latest care plan and risk assessment. Please upload these to us using the following fields:

    Client Care Plan

    Client Risk Assessment

    Funding & Payment Information

    Please confirm where the funding is coming from:

    Invoice Details

    Please confirm where invoices are to be sent to:

    To terminate a placement we require one months’ notice in writing. If a farm helper misses a session Clinks Care Farm will charge for the day. If Clinks Care Farm cancels a session we do not charge. For further information or queries, please contact us on 01502 679134 or per email

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